Simple Test Method Toxin Levels Feed and Feed Ingredients Chicken – Duck – Quail

Lampu ultra violet model portable memakai battery AA 4 fruit, can be used as tester toxin levels (poison) in feed and feed ingredients (corn, native dll). This tool is inexpensive and practical. Professional breeders are required to have.

Toxin tester is only to determine the presence or absence of toxins in feed and feed ingredients. If there is any, only be known only qualitatively : slightly, moderate or much. Criteria levels of toxins slightly if found flourescent light metallic green 3 – 5 point on the surface of feed and feed ingredients were inspected covering paper A-4. Criteria many if visible fluorescent light in an inordinate amount of almost every 1 cm.

When the results of the test use ultra violet rays found to feed or feed ingredients that contain toxins, actions :

1. If severe, visible light metallic green fluorescent in large quantities, the feed or feed ingredients are rejectable, because it is not feasible to use (reject);

2. When being, visible light metallic green fluorescent in an amount not much, it can still be used to record, its use should be mixed with feed and other feed ingredients healthy, without toxins, the maximum portion 10% (1 the toxic + 9 healthy part) and add toxin binders with a maximum dose;

3. When light, visible light metallic green fluorescent in small amounts, 1 – 2 full stop, then it can still be used to record, its use should be mixed with feed and other feed ingredients healthy, without toxins, with a portion 20% (1 the toxic + 4 healthy part) and add a dose of toxin binders with minimum to moderate.

Note :

1. To quantitatively determine levels of toxins or amount, course should be sent to the laboratory;

2. Feed containing toxins > 30 PPB (Part Per Billion = parts per billion), instead of PPM (parts per million = parts per million), will cause serious damage the health of the organs of the mouth cock, craw, gizzard, intestine, liver, lung and immuno-suppresive. Performance so ugly. Very detrimental.

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Chronic Respiratory Desease On Laying Chickens

In chicken layer, one of the signs or symptoms of infection diseases CRD (Chronic Respiratory Desease) can be seen in the shell / shell / shell eggs :

1. Egg Shell Color Score, tend to be low or less brown than CRD-free eggs of the same age in 1 location or a different location;

2. Distinctive mark, The blunt end of the egg, rough, like sand sticking (sand egg);

3. When it happened 10% or more, it can be ascertained with certainty approaching 100% that chickens C.R.D attack (Mycoplasma galisepticum = MG), even if no laboratory tests, all breeders layer can know. Easy.

Actions :

1. The chicken should be treated with antibiotics that can combat germs MG. Class of macrolide antibiotics can use (Spiramisin, Eritromisin, Tilosin, Tilmicosin) or class of tetracyclines (Oksitetrasiklin, Doksisiklin) atau golongan quinolone (Enrofloksasin, Ciprofloxacin, Danofloksasin). Can through drinking water and / or via the feed. Or injected and then continued through the feed or via the drinking water;

2. Remove or press the ammonia levels in the cage. The trick, wet dirt dried or discarded. Due to the high ammonia levels will irritate mucosal epithelial cells of the upper respiratory tract so that the actual germs MG flora / fauna normally become infective.


1. Make and or give feed that does not cause dirt muddy or wet. If you use artificial concentrate plant that causes the chicken droppings can not dry, replaced just wear other brands can dry the chicken droppings. Whatever the reason, muddy dirt, wet or diarrhea is unhealthy. Full Stop. No bargaining;

2. Control of raw materials corn and bran lest toxin levels exceed the limit so that chicken manure is not diarrhea due Necrotic enteritis;

3. In the feed mixture can be added A.G.P (Antibiotic Growth Promotor) which can prevent infection C.R.D.

4. Can also wear a special probiotika for poultry that can reduce and eliminate ammonia in the dirt so that the result of dry manure, no odor, free ammonia, its eggshell color high scores. And, can without A.G.P for the full self mixing. Save the cost of feed.

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Cages Sale Closed House In Bojonegoro

We requested assistance by Ms. Jasmin as the owner to offer kandang closed house broilers were located in Bojonegoro, East Java. He actually is an entrepreneur in the field of property that attempts expansion in livestock. However, new 2 current year, business property that became the main business requires additional working capital. Though farm business has given advantage over 20% along some of the maintenance period. The decision was unanimous, has a strong determination to take off kandang closed house to farmers who are interested.

Kandang Bojonegoro Tampak Samping KananKandang closed house 2 This floor is located in the middle stretch of paddy fields with very good air circulation and away from residential areas but is known to be safe area. Access to major roads close enough that facilitate the transport process both DOC, feed and harvest.

Complex cage equipped with a mess of employees with decent rooms were clean, bathroom, TV and refrigerator. Complete administrative office representative with ample parking space.

Kandang Bojonegoro 2 LantaiCompleteness of operational support systems available with complete enclosure, form: warehouse feed, groundwater sources and taps non-chlorine water holding tank plus there 2 and the supply of electricity from the generator good.

Built on an area of ​​13×125 m² kandang closed house 2 This floor can accommodate a total population 32.000 broiler chickens are equipped with exhaust fan, automatic watering holes and places to eat chicken manual good condition.

Kelengkapan Kandang BojonegoroThe status of the land is SHM with chicken farm permit official of the local government.

Kandang closed house This is offered at a price 2,1 M than.

For anyone who is interested please contact us at Booking. We are ready to schedule if anyone wants to review the location directly.

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