Waspada Tanggap Darurat Ayam Mencret

Ayam Mencret LesuTiba-tiba ayam mencret? Kotorannya jadi sangat cair? Sehingga saat ayam mengeluarkan kotoran seakan berbunyi ‘cret’? Pasti sekitar pantat ayam belepotan bekas kotorannya. Pasti ayam akan lesu menunduk sedih. Pasti nafsu makannya turun. Pasti ayam akan semakin kurus. Dan yang paling pasti, peternaknya pasti pusing tujuh keliling.

Ayam mencret bisa diakibatkan oleh beberapa sebab, that is:

  • Masuknya bibit penyakit. Keadaan ini juga ditandai dengan perubahan warna kotoran. Misalnya penyakit ND (New Castle Desease/tetelo) dan malaria menyebabkan ayam mencret dan kotorannya berwarna hijau; disease Gumboro and Pullorum menjadikan ayam mencret dan kotorannya berwarna putih; dan penyakit Koksidiosis mengakibatkan ayam mencret dan kotorannya berwarna coklat kemerahan. Jika itu terjadi, ayam tampak tak bergairah, ngorok/cekrek, dan kematian tinggi (terutama penyakit yang disebabkan virus seperti ND dan Gumboro).
  • Heat stress (heat stress) yang mendorong ayam minum lebih banyak dan lebih sering dibandingkan makan. Lingkungan kurang tenang, pekerja yang kurang hati-hati bisa menyebabkan ayam stres juga. Jadilah ayam mencret.
  • Mutu kandungan pakan juga sangat berpengaruh. Kandungan garam yang terlalu tinggi pada pakan akan merusak keseimbangan elektrolit dalam tubuh ayam. Kandungan protein yang terlalu tinggi mengakibatkan asam urat dalam ginjal ayam terlalu tinggi konsentrasinya. Kedua hal itu merangsang ayam minum air lebih banyak sehingga terjadilah mencret.

Kotoran Ayam Mencret CoklatAyam memang sangat rawan terhadap perubahan mutu pakan. Perubahan pakan secara mendadak bisa menurunkan gairah makan ayam sehingga menghambat pertumbuhan bobot ayam. Untuk mencegahnya, jumlah dan mutu pakan harus diperhatikan. Jika peternak terpaksa mengganti merk atau jenis pakan, lakukan penggantian bertahap :

Hari ke-1 : pakan merk lama 3 karung dicampur pakan merk baru 1 karung

Hari ke-2 : pakan merk lama 2 karung dicampur pakan merk baru 2 karung

Hari ke-3 : pakan merk lama 1 karung dicampur pakan merk baru 3 karung

Hari ke-4 dan seterusnya : pakan merk baru

Sebelum dan selama perubahan merk pakan berikan multivitamin seperti Zipromax untuk mencegah ayam stres.

Kotoran Ayam Mencret DarahAyam mencret akan menyebabkan sekam menjadi basah. Sekam yang basah akan menimbulkan beberapa masalah bagi ayam, among others :

  • Mengeluarkan gas amonia berbau menyengat yang menyebabkan luka pada saluran pernapasan ayam. Ayam mudah terkena penyakit saluran pernapasan seperti CRD, ND, AI dan lain sebagainya
  • Menjadi tempat berkembangnya bibit penyakit
  • Mengundang serangga penyebar penyakit seperti lalat dan kutu
  • Telapak kaki anak ayam mudah luka dan timbul kemerahan di bagian otot dada akibat amonia yang bersifat panas

Segeralah mengganti sekam basah. Penggantian sekam jangan terlampau sering karena dapat mengganggu pertumbuhan ayam. Jika sekam yang menggumpal sedikit, select, pungut dan buang ke luar kandang. Jika sekam yang basah dan menggumpal sudah banyak, lebih baik tindih dengan sekam yang baru di atas sekam yang basah, sebaiknya sebelum itu disemprot dulu dengan cairan penghilang bau amonia Protexol atau larutan Mega Fresh.

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Feed Intake of Laying Chicken Little But Enough

Given the population growth and or development of livestock / poultry and the increasing needs for human food of animal origin as well as the conversion of feed raw materials into renewable energy. This leads to the high price of the raw material feed / poultry. Feed costs occupy a dominant portion of the cost of production of livestock / poultry ± 75%. Increasing the price of food will be more expensive. On the other hand, selling prices of livestock / poultry not necessarily able to adjust up. This is due to the limited purchasing power.

Leave a theory which teaches that the feed intake layer should be much, 115 -120 g / head / day or even more. When followed blindly will cause farm businesses fall into wasteful, F.C.R average of all ages can 2,30 or more. Become uncompetitive. Upon entering the era of ASEAN tariff-free market (WHEREAS) 2015 only, can cause ROLL CAGES.

Then, we – farmers – should be able to make a breakthrough to get the production costs, especially the cost efficiency of feed. Below I tell you that my efforts do with simple techniques and appropriate to pressure feed costs. The result, biasa saya up load di group-group facebook, in the form of weekly and monthly production reports. My story is a summary of the fragments of the story of each chapter and section.


1. Provision of drinking water MUST wear nipple, can help save feed intake 2 – 3 g / head / day compared to the provision of potable water use gutter. And, can reduce the risk of disease transmission. When providing potable water use gutters, a lot of wasted feed along the water and in the event of illness, transmission will be faster and more powerful. Food that is stuck to the half chicken will fall off or dissolve in water while drinking chicken. This happens over and over again in a day. Waste water and waste feed and wasteful electricity costs.

Of course, with a note, This installation should be right nipple, water discharge from the nipple to be out 8 – 10 liters per jam, can still produce a good high performance body weight of chicken, HD and egg weight;


Nipple Model Drat


Pemasangan Nipple


2. Officers feeder MUST wear anti scattered, can use the :

2.1. Manual feeder, form of a funnel feed;

2.2. Semi automatic feeder, encouraged to use human power;

2.3. Automatic feeder, driven electricity use.

Note : can save feed 2 – 3 g / head / day.


Corong Pakan


Feeder Layer

3. Feed mixing wear a "mixer" horizontal model because it can produce homogeneity 94 – 95% compared to the "mixer" that produce only vertical homogeneity 85 – 88%. Especially when mixing manually, only produce uniformity 75 – 80%. Differences homogeneity high feed (94 – 95%) This can result in savings of as much as feed intake 2 – 3 g / head / day.


Mixer Horisontal


Mixer Horisontal Molen


Mixer Horisontal 500 kg


Mixer Horisontal 1 ton


4. Make quality feed equivalent "PERTAMAX PLUS". Certainly must use the raw material feed is good and right with the formulation that meets the rules BALANCE each element to meet the needs of chickens. Compared with equal quality feed "PREMIUM" could result in savings 3 – 4 g / head / day.


Formulasi Pakan Unggas

5. To improve digestion and absorption of food, then use the "Octane Booster" feed, ie probiotika specifically for poultry. Probiotika can produce enzymes that work :

5.1. Amilolitik : enzymes that help digest starch / complex carbohydrates into simple;

5.2. Lipolitik : enzymes that help digest fats into fatty complex simple;

5.3. Proteolitik : enzymes that help digest complex proteins into simpler proteins;

5.4. Cellulolytic : enzymes that help digest crude fiber cellulose into simple carbohydrates;

5.5. Lignolitik : enzymes that help digest lignin into simpler carbohydrates;

5.6. Asidofilus : enzyme that helps maintain acidity in the digestive tract so that until the colon is still acidic at pH 5,5 – 6,0. In acidic conditions, the pathogen is hampered its growth and development.

Note: the use of special probiotika these birds can produce feed efficiency 3 – 5 g / head / day.

Label then brosur Win_Prob In Vivo Liquid

Label Probiotik Liquid

The dose 2 ml/liter air minum, layer and broiler, given morning and afternoon

Win_Prob In Vivo Powder

Label Probiotik Powder

The dose 1 kg / ton pakan, broiler and layer


She poin 1 – 5 all done simultaneously, the cumulative savings of feed can be obtained 10 – 13 g / head / day, dari feed intake 120 g / head / day to 105 – 107 g / head / day, but enough.


1. Chicken body weight can enter the appropriate standard and according to age strainnya. If yet less, maximum 2%. Then, weight control chicken do the minimum each month. If the bias is too wide, do corrections of measured and structured. Sampling was done with methods DIAGONAL chicken RANDOM SAMPLING. Weight loss is such an interesting lokomoti network carriage numbers 2 – 5 below.

2. Healthy Chicken, signs :

2.1. Did not happen cannibal cannibal little or events;

2.2. Shrinkage does not exceed the number of chickens 0,20% per week.

3. High uniformity, > 85%, will produce a high definition (default 82 – 84%). The trick :

3.1. Perform rigorous selection and grading during pre-laying period each 2 weeks since climbed into the cage and the last production at the age of 20 week. Chickens are grouped together into a grade A A, grade B group B and group C, Grade C. Chickens in group C, preferential treatment in terms of governance and feed;

3.2. Giving feed rations measured by the number of chickens per line, not per cage;

3.3. Alignment should be done routinely feed a minimum of every 2 jam : o'clock 07:00, 09:00, 11:00, 14:00 and 16:00 local time.

4. Average egg weight of all ages can be cultivated layer peak at the minimum 62,5 grams per item. This is the hardest part. Can be obtained when : 1) water intake, 2) feed intake dan 3) sufficient oxygen intake.

5. The end result, feed conversion ratio (F.C.R) average of all ages can layer ± 2,05.

(By drh. Djarot Winarno, Konsulatan Management Experts Livestock and Nutrition)

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