Pemakaian Pelarut Vaksin Aktif (Live) Yang Benar

Hal-hal kecil yang perlu diperhatikan tentang pelarut vaksin aktif (live) supaya aplikasi vaksinnya sukses :

1. Isinya 30 ml/botol untuk 1.000 tail;

2. Setetes volumenya 0,03 ml/tetes;

3. Saat aplikasi, posisi nipple (ujung penetes) harus selalu di bawah supaya tidak masuk angin yang akan berakibat dosis tetesnya bisa kurang dari 0,3 ml;

4. Saat meneteskan harus ada jarak minimum 5 mm dari mata ayam ke ujung nipple supaya dosisnya benar-benar setetes penuh, 0,3 ml, bukan dicolokkan ke mata ayam;

5. Pelarut diberi warna biru tujuannya untuk memudahkan deteksi di rongga mulut ayam bahwa vaksin yang diteteskan melalui mata sudah masuk, yaitu warna lidah sebelah dalam menjadi biru;

6. Cara pegang yang benar seperti foto nomer 1, yaitu pakai jempol dan jari telunjuk saja supaya tidak cepat panas;

7. Posisi pegang seperti foto nomer 2, digenggam, adalah keliru karena larutan vaksinnya jadi cepat panas beresiko daya hidup vaksinnya cepat menurun;

8. Bila terpaksa, pelarut vaksin aktif berwarna biru ini tidak punya atau stok habis, bisa diganti dengan cairan infus NaCl fisiologi (NaCl 0,875%) atau cairan infus Glucose 5% yang bisa dibeli di apotik. Harganya jauh lebih murah bila dibandingkan dengan harga pelarut berwarna biru;

9. Therefore, simpanlah beberapa botol pelarut vaksin komplit dengan nipple-nya tapi harus disterilkan terlebih dahulu dengan cara direbus di air mendidih selama 5 minute. Botol pelarut vaksin yang sudah steril disimpan di dalam kulkas.

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Sale Cages Open For Broiler Chickens In Sukabumi

Enclosure in La, Nyalindung, Sukabumi, West Java. Status letter deed of sale without dispute. Approval of the public to the Village Head, recommendation sub-district and Department of Animal Husbandry existing permit. IMB complete.

Surface area 8.600 m², spacious enclosure total 1.700 m² consists of 4 enclosure with the following sizes : 40 m x 8 m x 2 floor, 40 m x 8 m x 2 floor, 15 m x 8 m x 2 floor and 9 m x 10 m x 2 floor. Material enclosure of wood albasia choice, robust estimation 12 years with good care. Cool tile roof. High enclosure 2 meters per floor. Age enclosure average 2 year. There are already used 13 period and there are new used 6 period. Guaranteed good and sturdy because there is regular maintenance by artisan subscription. Thick cement floor coated enclosure brands 3 The Wheel.

TMAO Pantene 255 unit-270 unit. TMA 5 kg 660 unit. Baby Chick feeder 3 kg 344 unit. Zinc complete for 21 brooding. Restrictions exist 10 unit to seal harvest or dilation.

Tower Air 5.000 liter 1 unit. Tower Air 2.000 liter 2 unit. Tower Air 1.000 liter 1 unit, total capacity so 10 cubic. Gallons of water 125 liter 4 unit. Wash basin 4 unit. No light fittings 100 more units. Cable in KW 1 guaranteed durable. Water hose. Tarpaulins complete. Curtain in complete. Water sources 4 well, 2 active, 1 well just secured enough. There wasser water suction machine 4 unit. No small water suction machine 2 unit. Power sprayer Sanchin 1 unit with hose 2 roll.

Villa or house size 140 m² complete with hot water brands Paloma, 2 bedroom, 1 meeting room, 1 kitchen space and 1 washing facilities with jemurannya . Officers Mess 2 total rooms 25 m² with kitchen. Simple warehouse size 50 m². Warehouse and gasoline generator power generation Honda 1 unit. Electrical voltage 4.400 token.

Front gate there. Harvest edge of the cage. Plot flat almost all (is ready to expand). Banana plantation 1.500 each tree harvest 2 week. If you like fruit is ready to harvest konyal around the site. Clove trees and wood there.

Bonus if you buy now: 3 bamboo truck and 2 timber truck to help make the cage again (in locations unused).

Our cage distance to Parung, Bogor 80 km, to Sukabumi 30 km, to Cianjur 66 km, to Sukanegara, Cianjur 30 km and Bandung 120 km.

Safe environment without thugs. Where to buy husk still affordable. Manure behavior. Far from a neighboring chicken coop. Fence around planted HANJUANG. Existing pool to burn trash 1 unit. If you want to create a quarry pond catfish pond is ready 1 unit also stay trimmed with cement. Location of the project behind the tea garden with a beautiful view. For those who enjoy fishing outside the dam project with abundant fishing wader, stay on foot 5 minutes to fishing every afternoon free at no charge.

Cage and lands offered quick sale at a price 1,3 milyar rupiah (quick sale only). For anyone who is interested please contact us at Booking. We are ready to schedule if anyone wants to review the location directly. We do not ask for a commission from the buyer.

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Simple Test Method Toxin Levels Feed and Feed Ingredients Chicken – Duck – Quail

Lampu ultra violet model portable memakai battery AA 4 fruit, can be used as tester toxin levels (poison) in feed and feed ingredients (corn, native dll). This tool is inexpensive and practical. Professional breeders are required to have.

Toxin tester is only to determine the presence or absence of toxins in feed and feed ingredients. If there is any, only be known only qualitatively : slightly, moderate or much. Criteria levels of toxins slightly if found flourescent light metallic green 3 – 5 point on the surface of feed and feed ingredients were inspected covering paper A-4. Criteria many if visible fluorescent light in an inordinate amount of almost every 1 cm.

When the results of the test use ultra violet rays found to feed or feed ingredients that contain toxins, actions :

1. If severe, visible light metallic green fluorescent in large quantities, the feed or feed ingredients are rejectable, because it is not feasible to use (reject);

2. When being, visible light metallic green fluorescent in an amount not much, it can still be used to record, its use should be mixed with feed and other feed ingredients healthy, without toxins, the maximum portion 10% (1 the toxic + 9 healthy part) and add toxin binders with a maximum dose;

3. When light, visible light metallic green fluorescent in small amounts, 1 – 2 full stop, then it can still be used to record, its use should be mixed with feed and other feed ingredients healthy, without toxins, with a portion 20% (1 the toxic + 4 healthy part) and add a dose of toxin binders with minimum to moderate.

Note :

1. To quantitatively determine levels of toxins or amount, course should be sent to the laboratory;

2. Feed containing toxins > 30 PPB (Part Per Billion = parts per billion), instead of PPM (parts per million = parts per million), will cause serious damage the health of the organs of the mouth cock, craw, gizzard, intestine, liver, lung and immuno-suppresive. Performance so ugly. Very detrimental.

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