Cages Sale Closed House In Bojonegoro

We requested assistance by Ms. Jasmin as the owner to offer kandang closed house broilers were located in Bojonegoro, East Java. He actually is an entrepreneur in the field of property that attempts expansion in livestock. However, new 2 current year, business property that became the main business requires additional working capital. Though farm business has given advantage over 20% along some of the maintenance period. The decision was unanimous, has a strong determination to take off kandang closed house to farmers who are interested.

Kandang Bojonegoro Tampak Samping KananKandang closed house 2 This floor is located in the middle stretch of paddy fields with very good air circulation and away from residential areas but is known to be safe area. Access to major roads close enough that facilitate the transport process both DOC, feed and harvest.

Complex cage equipped with a mess of employees with decent rooms were clean, bathroom, TV and refrigerator. Complete administrative office representative with ample parking space.

Kandang Bojonegoro 2 LantaiCompleteness of operational support systems available with complete enclosure, form: warehouse feed, groundwater sources and taps non-chlorine water holding tank plus there 2 and the supply of electricity from the generator good.

Built on an area of ​​13×125 m² kandang closed house 2 This floor can accommodate a total population 32.000 broiler chickens are equipped with exhaust fan, automatic watering holes and places to eat chicken manual good condition.

Kelengkapan Kandang BojonegoroThe status of the land is SHM with chicken farm permit official of the local government.

Kandang closed house This is offered at a price 2,1 M than.

For anyone who is interested please contact us at Booking. We are ready to schedule if anyone wants to review the location directly.

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Chicks Most Efficient Heating Gas – Cheap – Most Secure

infrared1Chicks do not have the ability to regulate their body temperature until age 2 week. In the event of a decrease in temperature and an increase in humidity due to changes in the weather, chicks vulnerable to stress. The farmers understand that the success of the future brooding will maximize the genetic potential of the chick. Therefore the use of heating to maintain the temperature of the enclosure is absolutely necessary.

Pemanas Phoenix is heating most chicks we recommend. Pemanas Phoenix gas-fired proven as heating chicks are the most effective and efficient than heating other similar. Heat generated at the optimum temperature range of growth of chicks, namely 30 – 35the C with low gas pressure. And also heating brooder Phoenix equipped with a reflector that focuses radiant heat generated in the area to be heated so that heating Phoenix highly-efficient and very cost-effective gas at the same time very safe.

Results Comparison Pemanas Phoenix Low Preasure with Heating Semawar

Usage heating for 1 period = (7 hari x 24 jam) + (7 day x 12 jam) = total 252 jam


GAS cost calculation per 1.000 chickens

Perhitungan Biaya*With the price of LPG Jakarta-Bogor-Depok-Tangerang-Bekasi November 2014
Pemanas Phoenix
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Pullet Chicken Breeders Success Stories From Malang

Kisah Pak SupandriThis time we will lift the chicken breeder pullet success story named Mr.. Supandri located at Hamlet Kecopokan, Village Senggreng, Sub Sumberpucung, Malang, East Java. Starting our curiosity of frequent Bp. Supandri order products from ie Avispro and Viterpan. Really like this addiction once we breeder. Be we set out on the journey 5 hours of Jember to Malang.

We arrived at around Sumberpucung 10.30 day was Monday, 12 January 2015. Welcomed Mr.. Supandri family with great friendliness, we talked in his home. It turns out that Mr.. Supandri is a member of the Navy who served in Surabaya, but has entered a period of preparation for retirement. Since the year 2012 pioneered pullet chicken farm located right next to his house not far from the dam inundation area Karangkates.

Ayam Pullet Milik Pak SupandriAlready 7 maintenance period passes, 5 the last period together with products thank God gained recognition from the core company PT. Karyatama as the best partner breeder. Calculation of the best cultivated. Pullet best quality. The most desirable pullet production. When we asked what the secret key success, answered firmly style military members, the key is Avispro and Viterpan!

Population 5.500 tail fully vaccinated, drugs of the core is only used 1/3 of ration program, Avispro absolute worn every day with doses 1 cc / liter of water in the morning and afternoon when healthy chicken, dose 5 cc / liter of water while less healthy chicken. The result chicken immune to the disease. Viterpan given at a dose 1 cc / liter of water per day. The result is the growth of a good chicken, economical feed (already some periods there are no excess feed rations used, while the weight of chickens 13 ons has been reached), dry dirt, minimal flies, and the most phenomenal is pullet production Bp. Supandri already started to lay eggs at the age of 110-115 day (penuturannya watch video directly to the right of this article or click

Kandang Ayam Pullet Pak SupandriHaru and happy we feel when listening to the story of Mr.. Supandri enthusiastically recounted, happy and what their.

Hopefully he can emulate the success of other breeders, especially chicken breeder pullet in order to bring the chicken pullet healthy and productive for the breeder laying hens. Long live and be happy breeder Indonesia.

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